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From super-fast Apple hardware repairs to Mac Data Recovery, we are your one-stop shop for Mac assistance in Hampstead, Camden, Islington and North London - If you have a problem with your Mac and need an expert to help you call
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MacBook Air

New MacBook Airs are thought of by many as virtually impossible to repair… That’s not the case at MacResolve. We’ve developed skills and techniques to get most models up and running again with minimum fuss or bother.

MacBook Pro

We fix all MacBook Pro issues, period! From accidental damage, faulty components or cracked screens to replacement keyboards and trackpads, we strive to be the best and fastest MacBook Pro repairers in London.


The expertise in iMac repairs & vast knowledge of our friendly technies allows us to resolve your iMac problems & keep costs low to save throwing your money away on unnecessary solutions. You love your iMac. We love fixing them!

Data Recovery

Save yourself from sleepless nights should your Mac hard drive fail & you fear photos, videos, documents and email could be lost… Call MacResolve on 08445 896 698 and allow our very understanding team to get your files back.

Did you update Mac OS and run into trouble? MacResolve can restore your Mac & update to the latest software versions with minimum bother


We're a local team of Mac experts based in North London who are more than able to fix your Apple computer and offer professional technological advice very competitively. In most cases you will find we are much more affordable than other Apple Mac repair services in the North West London area...
MacResolve provide a range of upgrades, repairs & data recovery services...

Our Mac repair professionals aim to have your Mac working in no time at all. With extensive Mac hardware and software repair knowledge, they are confident of their abilities to fix any Mac problem and get your Apple system up and running in as little time as possible, with low rates and very fair pricing... Call 08445 896 698

  • Mac Repairs

    Percentage of first time fix within 48 hours

  • Mac Upgrades

    Percentage of upgrades completed within 24 hours

  • Mac Data Recovery

    Percentage of successful Data Recovery solutions provided within 72 hours

  • Mac Support Site Visits

    Percentage of Mac Support site visits resolved within 2 hours


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MacResolve - The fast MacBook spillage repair service in London.
Water, wine, juice, coffee or tea spilled on your Mac? React swiftly to save your Mac! The liquid can penetrate the casing fast and cause fatal damage.... You need the best Mac team in London...

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